Monday, June 6, 2016

6 June 2016 Wembley Stadium

H went about her sorting out the house and banking things while Pat and I carried out  our first mission in London – shopping!

We collected the Thameslink tickets from Luton to London at Euston before our shopping spree. I have booked it earlier for our coming return trip from Luton Airport to London ( post-Skye ). It was a simple collection process at Euston station and totally uneventful.

We took the overground from Euston to Wembley. It was a clear day, warm and dry. I wasn’t pleased with the weather which is no different from Singapore. What was I expecting, it being summer. Still, a tourist has a right to complain about the weather..

The famous Wembley stadium was a bit of a walk from the station. The white arches loomed large in the distant and our eyes were locked to the structure so that we could get our bearings right. Wembley outlet mall was just beside the stadium and much talked about online so we hope to exercise our strong SG dollar. The anticipation was different from 2005 when we were in London with an exchange of 3 and having to watch our spending then.

We were very focused and zoom in to North Face where we grabbed 2 hiking shoes, some shirts for a good bargain. The kitchenware outlet pricing was way over the top but we got H the basic stuff. I would later scour Lakeland in Westfield for the most exotic bakeware because it was cheaper.

Lunch was a simple affair at Pret but we enjoyed the wifi most. Londoners drawn by the sun were picnicking in the sun while we holed ourselves in the coolest part of the mall’s café.

That afternoon, we visited H’s place for the first time. It was tough lugging knives and pots along Euston and back to Maple street. H walked us to her ‘glorious’ house, a cute little place which is split level with a back garden. We stared, mouth agape, seeing the mini jungle before our eyes. It would take forever! Bees buzzed among the buttercups and roses but all I could think of was – the amount of work in order to make the place an enjoyable one. The kid felt it was no issue and was all bliss, which was a good thing. Just thinking about upkeeping the place was enough to make me tired.

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