Friday, June 10, 2016

10 June 2016 Trooping the Color

It’s the Queen’s official birthday. Acutally, she has 2 birthdays, the one in June being a time to celebrate with the nation. It was one of those events where the British are united together and monies are raised in the Queen’s honor for charity. Not to mention, the amount of tourist dollars earned from tourists coming to London to catch a glimpse of the Queen, the prince and princesses.

H gave the event a wide berth so it was down to 2 of us again. We went late to St James park and couldn’t secure a vantage spot in front of Buckingham Palace. After waiting for 2 hours among very tall people, I was totally devasted to realize that the Queen had passed me by. Had it not been for Pat who showed me the lady in neon green, I would have demanded to wait forever.

Totally disgusted with my folly and waste of time, we left and headed to National Gallery where I knew the washroom would be available. We enjoyed the people at Trafalgar Square and then took a bus to Nottinghill.

On the way at Marble Arch, we saw the flypast from the top of the double decker. It was a good 3 odd hour since we first went to The Mall and by then I was not very interested in the whole Birthday thing.

We had a very lovely meal in a little Italian café and then walked the not-so-fantastic touristy Portebello market. My only memory was that of patting a horse on official standby duty with a police. It was good natured and tourists queued to touch the gentle creature.

It was a train ride back to Maple Street. We did not do much apart from waiting and it tired us to the core.

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