Sunday, June 12, 2016

12 June 2016

At last we did what we came to do in London ! With all of H’s worldly  possessions in as many luggages, we got up a bus at Tottenham Rd. It cut the puffing and pushing of the luggages to Arlington Rd by more than half.

We mowed the grass and cleaned the kitchen as much as we could. Then we left H to settle down with her friends as we set off for our me-time.

Pat and I seeked out the wall of London, a place I never knew existed until this trip. It was near the Barbican but not quite. We got lost and walked round and round in circles getting to the place.

The walls was a small section of attraction but very pretty, red brick among green grass. After a meal at Pret, we checked out almost every exhibit in the Museum of London. I enjoyed it and found the exhibits well documented and curated. It was definitely one of the more enlightening moments in this trip.

Museum outings can be hard work and we hung around the café until almost closing.  Then it was back to Maple Street and some packing. Tomorrow we are bound for Scotland with a new travelling companion. Around this time, LH would be flying off from Singapore so that we could meet up at Inverness for a special trip.

Meet me at Isle of Isle with our new companion here.

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