Thursday, June 9, 2016

9 June 2016 Olympic Park

H spent the night with us, updating us on the events of that year. It was another good day for an outing and she joined us at Stratford Olympic Park. The place was huge and sparse, dotted with kids from kindies on their summer outing with their teachers. I had totally missed that Olympics when it was hosted by London so the place made no impression on me.

Back at the mall and after so-so mall food, we sent H off with a pair of Clarks shoes. She headed back to the bank where her friends were waiting while Pat and I headed along the navigation canal northwards. Shortly after that, we walked along the Jubilee footpath thick with flying dandelions. Pat had taken Clarityme earlier and was spared the sneezing.

Boat people stayed in boat houses and some parts wasn’t pretty. After an hour or so, we came to a Jewish enclave beside the river. We ended the walk at Marksfield Park , cut across the field and headed to the nearest train station miles away. It wasn’t the prettiest place in London and train service was down. Pat and I had our first experience taking a bus back from Tottenham Hale to London. It was a slow ride which added an hour to our 5 hour outing.

H could not stay for the night and it was us again. I was beginning to think the idea of getting a 2 roomer was a waste but on the other hand, it meant H could come back anytime to crash with us.

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