Saturday, June 11, 2016

11 June 2016 Church !

H brought us to All Souls where it had welcomed her the last 10 months. I could see that H is very fond of the church by her involvement in its bible study group. Steven and Peace recognized us and we were thrilled that we were remembered after a single acquaintance.

For going to church , we had a discounted burger lunch next door. Of course I was very pleased.

H had church activities and evening music duties, so we made off to Greenwich by ourselves.By now, it felt like a mini honeymoon which just both of us touring, eating and shopping in London. It was a long commute to Greenwich and a even longer walk up the hill to the Observatory. The view down east London was breathtaking even in the cold weather.

I was reluctant to pay for entering the Observatory for the upteen time and so lounged around a café near the planetarium. I would have gone in to take alook but it was nearing closing and it not make sense to spend money rushing through the exhibits for 1 hour.

The walk downhill was challenging for my knees but we made it eventually. I suggested a bus ride home to while off time since H will be ‘home’ late too.

Sunday has come and gone. It will be a brand new week with much things to do.

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